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Google Analytics Premium versus Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Part 3 – Segmentation

This is my third article about Google Analytics Premium and Adobe Analytics (Omniture Site Catalyst) comparison. Please find my other articles below. In this article I want to talk about segmentation analysis. I am sure you heard it already, it is being called by analytics experts all the time.

  1. People who searched for NYC hotels for next week and did not buy

  2. People who suddenly started to look at smart phone telephone news on your content site

  3. People who came from Google, came until purchase page but did not complete sales

As an analytics expert our first job is to discover these immediate valuable segments. There is no certain segmentation here like women, christian, urban resident, these segmentation are hidden and you are the one who needs to discover them by looking at data. In order to do that Adobe Analytics (Omniture ) gives you great tools with Site Catalyst and Discover (new name:Ad Hoc Analysis) Discover is a tool to fall in love if you are a data junkie. Segmentation capabilities here are so detailed and fast. For example I can create a segments like:

  1. People who came to my homepage, spent 30 seconds and moved to smart phone page

  2. People who looked at business content in June-2013

  3. People who came to my homepage from Google, continued to my account page, added “clothing” type of products to her cart, went to checkout but did not complete

Sequential and time based segmentation is really new and advanced. It makes me so powerful as an analyst. For more information go and read Brian Au’s great blog posts about the subject. When it comes to Google Analytics Premium, segmentation analysis capabilities are very limited.First of all you can’t segment your funnels which is so limiting.. I never look at my shopping funnels without segmentation because they are extremely different depending on the segment. You can’t apply one segment onto another, with an unlimited breakdowns.You can’t create sequential and time based segmentation which carries your view to another level. You might say all these things are very advanced for you since you don’t even do basic analysis. This is an excuse I keep hearing all the time. I never employed that kind of thinking, and all I can say: “Be hurry, train is going to leave soon and somebody else might get on it while you are loitering in the entrance of the trance station.” peace

sibel akcekaya

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