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Marketing Technology Consulting


With digital era marketing is now  better and more automated with technology. Everyday there is a new software coming to the market trying to help you with one of your marketing goals. But software world is overwhelming and to know which software will serve your needs exactly is one of the challenging things in the marketing technology world. There are many companies who are stuck with many different software they are not using. Unfortunately sometimes software sales people might be misleading you or they might not have enough experience or knowledge about your business. That's why marketing technology excellence starts with selecting the right software for your business.

We have a wide experience implementing marketing software for different companies and different industries. We can review your business and can recommend you the right software that can work for your business. 

But technology itself is not enough to implement marketing technology. Content and talent are the keys wrappers of the new technology era.

Finding right talent is the most important factor when implementing successful marketing technology. This is also one of the reasons why companies can't utilize marketing  technology properly. Marketing technology talent is hybrid, she/he is creative, technical with a business mind. She brings art and science together by applying the business sense. He is a real entrepreneur. Regular corporate employees are divided in 3, technical, marketing and finance. But this new talent that is emerged in Silicon Valley need to have all. We can also help you to find the right talent for the right job.

Between technology and talent, we have content that needs attention. Marketing is not just some algorithms doing its own thing, it has to do its thing around well planned content. That's why marketing technology can't be only trusted to engineers , we need technical marketing people to figure this out.

When we or algorithm decide to start a campaign for a certain segment, we need text, images and design to make sure that we have a clear campaign message. 

When we sell goods online, we need to make sure that our visitors can complete their transactions easily without any obstacles. Text, images and design of the app or the site should be not an obstacle to customers. They should meet all the information needs your visitors needs. Usability, user experience, interface design and information architecture is one of the things that we might want to utilize when we use our e-commerce technology.

Ultimate goal of marketing technology is uniting technology, talent and content to deliver customer experience that benefits both companies and customers. Customers will get better, easier service meanwhile companies sell their services through more effective marketing efforts that will ensure customer loyalty overtime.


After you have chosen the right marketing technology for your business, you need to make sure you have a right plan, consultant and staff to implement the new software. This is an another big issue that many companies face it everyday. They get the right software but they are not executing the right strategy to implement the product.


We can help you to implement the marketing technology for your business goals.

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