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Measuring User Experience Consulting


We can help you to start a framework to measure user experience.


With our 25 years of experience in product development and analytics we can help you faster and more effectively.

User experience is easily measured by defining key product goals and metrics such as:


How long does it take users to complete a conversion on your website/app?


How many errors do users receive in 1 visit ?

How many clicks it take for a user to reach the information they are looking for on your website?


These are all examples of behaviors and attitudes that can be measured. Some may be easier to measure than others, but they can all be measured.

We'll help you to collecting, analyzing, and presenting user experience metrics.

We will help strategizing data collection for the most effective results. With our Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics implementation and reporting experience over 17 years, we know how to collect data best for measuring user experience

We'll help you choose the right metrics for each situation or application, and show you how to use them to produce reliable, actionable results.

We can also help you to start A/B testings and create a framework to support more advanced product optimization strategy.

 Usability metrics can help you determine where you stand relative to your competition and help you pinpoint where you should focus your improvement efforts-the areas that users find the most confusing, inefficient, or frustrating.  


Please reach out to me on Linkedin for an introductory call

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