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Adobe Analytics Workspace Analysis Fallout Visualization

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Adobe Analytics Fallout visualization is one of the great tools for customer journey analysis. Another big item where Adobe makes a big difference when compared to Google Analytics. Fallout visualization is basically very advanced version of Google Analytics funnel report. Previously I have written about Flow Visualization in Workspace Analysis. In this article I want to talk about how to use Fallout Visualization and also want to talk about how it relates to Flow Visualization.

Fallout visualization shows you

-where visitors are having success or trouble with different points on your website or your app

-will also show you if visitors eventually pass through the touch points you specified

One of the most restricting things in Google Analytics funnel visualization, when you set up a new path or funnel you can't never see historical data. We don't have this problem with Adobe. It is very flexible report with lots of advanced options. Here is the basic Fallout report. Green bar shows those who continued within the funnel and Gray bar shows those who left the funnel.

If I hover over any of the steps I can see some additional information. I can see the visitor count at that particular point and I can also compare the success not only for the total path to that point but I can also compare against the previous checkpoint as well.

I can also add multiple values under 1 touchpoint. In this example I want to see people who went to any category page after app launch.

Visit and Visitor Level Containers

With fallout visualization we have an ability to look at the funnel within a session or cross session. Report is defaulted across session which is also called visitor level.

What is Adobe Analytics Eventual Path versus Next Click

Adobe did a great job to developing this product over the years. And every release we are getting something that we needed so desperately. One of the cool features of Adobe Analytics Fallout Visualization is Eventual Path versus Next Click , another feature that can't be found in Google Analytics. Until today all funnel visualizations looked at eventual path, so for instance if I want to look at how many people moved from checkout to payment page, the only thing tools cared if the customer eventually reached to shipping page in that same session. But in some cases we really wanted to know if a person moved from checkout to payment page without clicking anything else. That way I can find out if there are things that causes a person click away from the checkout page. Adobe Analytics now gives us this option under Fallout report. Default is eventual path but you can adjust each step to next hit if you want to.

Because this is an eventual report that this report shows me eventually people went from product to payment page but if I want to know exactly what they did after the product page I can build this new freeform table that will show me their immediate next steps before eventually coming in completing this particular checkpoint

Renaming touchpoint groups or steps

Very important feature! Sometimes things can go different during implementation and you might end up with variable names that are not so meaningful or organized. Especially page names might be an issue. Sometimes page name might be very long or page name might not have a good name. We can rename and more easily manage your touchpoint groups or steps within your Adobe Analytics fallout visualization.


I hardly look at fallout without segments. If you keep segmenting any funnel report, you will see significant differences based on segments. Another great feature you can't find in Google Analytics. Unlimited and super fast segmenting of the fallout visualization.


Another great feature that helps you relate different data types, again something you can't find in Google Analytics. Below fallout visualization mixes different data types to build a specific customer journey I am interested in

Here I used 3 different data types: Dimension, segment and metrics(event)

I also used 4 different variables: Marketing channel, cart addition event, pages and Days Since Last Visit segment.

I try to find out People who came to the site with e-mail within 11-20 days and created a cart and made a purchase.

Advanced Right Click Options for Adobe Analytics Fallout Visualization

There are always more features available within Adobe Analytics that are sometimes hidden. They are hidden because it can be too much for the beginners. Advanced options are usually hidden, usually either in the settings or through right click.

In Adobe Analytics fallout visualization I have couple cool stuff I can access through right click.

Trend a Touch Point

When we look at Fallout Visualization we see funnel numbers aggregated. With this right-click option Adobe builds a line graph showing us unique visitors at this particular stage overtime with some prebuilt anomaly detection.

Trend a Touch Point %

Same as above but this time we trend % success of the particular stage.

Trend All Touch Points %

This is one of my favorite features in Fallout. Yes I like to look at overall picture but looking at 1 month funnel is really not a trend. I would do this manually before Adobe added this new feature. This report will show you trend of all touch points over time.

Breakdown fallthrough at this touch point

Fallthrough shows the immediate hit after particular touchpoint for visitors that made it to the next touchpoint.

Breakdown fallout at this touch point

Fallout shows the immediate hit after the previous touchpoint for visitors that never made it to the touchpoint. This is a very good report to understand why people left, where did they go?

Create segment from touchpoint

If particular path with any touchpoint is interesting for you, you can create a segment right here.

As you can see Fallout Visualization is pretty powerful tool that can help you to find trends. Now go ahead and play with the tool. The only way to learn Adobe is to keep using it. There is no other way really.

If you want to get most out of your Adobe Analytics implementation you can contact me on Linkedin for consulting or training. I both provide implementation services and business analysis and training services. I have 14 years experience to implement and use Adobe Analytics with big brands like Expedia, American Airlines, Best Western International, ING Bank, Vodafone, Buhler Group. Unfortunately many Adobe Analytics experts out there only tool analysts, they do not have significant product development experience. I have been developing digital products since 1999. Adobe Analytics has become my biggest support for an insight and that's why I learned it very well. I am certified Adobe Analytics architect.

You can also view my company website:

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