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Apple iOS14, iPadOS14 and Safari 14 and Digital Marketing

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Apple announced its decision that affects all digital marketers at its WWDC20 developer conference in June 2020. But these decisions have not come into effect yet. Apple gives IOS engineers time to prepare ahead and implement these changes. Apple, which provides more information on this subject in Autumn 2020, will start to implement this feature at the beginning of 2021, but still has not given a specific date.

Apple said it believes privacy is a fundamental human right, and for this purpose, a new privacy information section will be added to the App Store product pages. In this way, users will be able to understand the privacy features of an application. In addition, apps in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 will need to obtain user permission to watch users across other company-owned apps or websites, or access the device's advertising identifier (IDFA). With this feature, Apple allows its users to choose whether to allow an app to watch them.

How Will Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention Affect WEB and Safari Users? When I installed macOS Big Sur software on my MAC computer today, it was automatically installed in Safari 14. When I opened the safari, this message appeared:

Then I visited and noticed an icon above the browser: When I hovered over the icon, I saw the message saying "show the privacy report for this site".

When I clicked this icon, this information appeared "29 trackers prevented from profiling you".

And when I click the Trackers tab, Safari 14 shows me which sites are blocking it from PROFILING.


Apple Safari 14 uses DuckDuckGo's tracker list. DuckDuckGo is a company established to protect users' personal information and provides services in this field. Duckduckgo lists the trackers it finds on github.

Safari does not block third party domains, it just prevents these sites from collecting information from the user's computer. In other words, these ad requests cannot reach the user's information and cookies in the browser. This is actually not a surprise because Google Chrome said in 2022 that it will block third party cookies. In other words, by 2022, domains and cross-site tracking will end, unless digital advertisers find another solution.

Chrome Installed Iphone Will Include These Rules: Chrome automatically enters this rule under the new IOS14.

If We Summarize the Impact of IOS 14 on Digital Marketing

1-It will not be possible to watch between sites and show advertisements based on this with cookie technology. Google Double Click seems to be the most affected. Google Double Click will not be able to consolidate the sites users watch. Of course, the Google team is currently looking for a solution.

2- Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics will also be affected by IOS14. Since Webkit JS will reduce the cookie duration to 7 days, the number of new and returning users will not be correct, but this may be solved by Adobe or Google.

3- Referrer information will cover only the domain in some cases, it will not include the full URL. So the data here may not be reliable either.

How Will IOS14 Affect Iphone and Ipad Applications?

When this feature is effective, a message will appear in front of the user in every application, that is, mobile applications will not automatically track the user for advertising activities, but this monitoring is still focused on cross-site monitoring. It will not be possible to collect IDFA from every user here.

The difference of digital marketing from normal marketing is to be able to measure the reaction of users to marketing and advertising activities in real time. But this measurement is done indirectly. Because users access your website or mobile applications via a web browser or a phone. Naturally, you measure the visitors to your website through web browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari and you are bound by the rules and limits of these browsers. In the mobile application, you must follow the rules of the operating system of the device from which the application is accessed. The IOS operating system on Apple devices and the Android operating system on Google Android devices determine these rules.

Therefore, changes in these operating systems and internet browsers will seriously affect digital marketers. Unfortunately, people are afraid to give their information to companies due to many incidents that use personal information for malicious purposes and unauthorized. The reservations of the users in this area also motivate the institutions that are the authorities in this field to protect personal information. With Apple IOS 14, it gives its user more say in this regard. For example, Facebook never deals with applications that show that their users are protecting their data and is very comfortable in this regard. But other companies like Google and Apple work harder on this issue, unlike Facebook.

Therefore, everyone should be ready for more limited data sharing of internet browsers and device software. This is not the end of the world, because these software do not eliminate data usage, only give the customer a choice. Companies that manage to build relationships with their customers on trust will be the least affected by these restrictions. As a result, Apple does not directly prevent data sharing between them, it only gives the customer a choice. If your customers trust you, you won't have a problem. So don't put the loss of customer data on Apple, upload it to bad customer relations.

The truth is that many data used for digital marketing are already given with the user's consent if the user comes to this site and makes a transaction. Many companies use this data to increase customer satisfaction, there is no problem here anyway. But when the data of the person is shared, a gray area appears,

Many people are unaware that when they buy a product from a site, that site will share this data with another institution. This is actually the problem. With IOS 14, Apple will start asking this for apps and start blocking it in Safari.

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