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Adobe Target:Testing, Personalization and Optimization Platform

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

In my previous article I talked about digital optimization and I mentioned about why we do need a good software to get the job done. In this article, I would like to talk about Adobe Target, one of the leading software in this field. In the early 2000s, we were doing button and visual tests, dividing the traffic into two or three, but the world has changed a lot now. First of all, we have entered an era with multi-channel and multi-device. Things are messier now. Adobe Target aims to improve your customers' communication and usage with your digital platform.

We should never forget what the main purpose of digitalization is. Our main goal is not for people to come to our website or have people click our ads, but to bring the real-life physical experience to the human-machine level and to continuously improve this experience. Consider the experience between a bank client and a bank clerk. Or a grocery shopper and his experience with store's physical store and grocery staff there. Unfortunately, many people who work in digital marketing are stuck generating clicks and conversions and they measure their success by counting these clicks. However, success in digitalization is measured by LOYALTY. If you've been successful in creating the digital experience then people will continue to use your digital platform. But if you always have to bring new customers to your site and lose the ones who have come to your site before, you are not successful. If you have 10,000 sales everyday , do you know who are they? Are they same people? or new people? Do you have to push more ads to get 10,000 ads? This is not success..The real marketing success is to keep customers without additional marketing spend and it is achieved by product optimization only. That way you can end up with 50,000 conversions every day, some are new customers and some loyal customers.

However, this optimization work has to be automated. This job is not simple enough to be done manually. Of course, you can do certain tests with certain rules, but this automation cannot be as powerful and cannot give you great momentum in a short time. And we will be behind the technology since things are rolling really fast.

When you make separate optimizations in the multi-channel and multi-device digital era and you cannot measure the impact of these improvements together both on conversion and on loyalty, you cannot understand exactly what is effective and why. In the image above, we see an exemplary digital travel of a visitor.

-Customer clicks your ad

- Logs into your site from a page

-Go to the category page

- Starts filling the form but leaves it halfway

-Retargeting receives email

- Goes to the mobile site

-He sees the banner to install the mobile application here

-Receives a mobile notification that receives personal offers when it approaches the physical location of the company.

What each customer does on this journey is information for us. And this information is very valuable. This is where the analytics concept comes in. Analytics is to take action according to the information coming through. According to the information revealed during the trip above, it is not possible to take action only with the analysis of an analyst. Here we need the machine and this is exactly why humans created machines : processing the information that the human cannot process in a short time, proposing action and applying this action. Adobe Target offers this benefit to you as an optimization machine. Adobe Target offers optimization technology to all companies that were created by big technology companies such as Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook's biggest tool is an analytics automation. The basis of Analytics automation is statistics. Processing of information and decision making are done by statistical tests. That's why we need machine.

Let's consider how to do this without technology. Let's say last month 100,000 people clicked the certain ad in the media . Of these 100,000 people, only 30% continued to the next page after they visited landing page. So why did 70% not continue? This is a separate segment, we need to investigate why this segment dropped. Why 70% dropped and 30% continued the form? Do you know? Some of the recipients of the retargeting email clicked on the email, some didn't, why? When investigating these reasons, your action will be delayed. You also need statistical tests to find causes and generate hypotheses. Automation therefore gives you a significant competitive advantage. The money you spend on technology also comes back as a cost saving.

Think of all the money, time and effort you spend developing websites and mobile apps. However, if you know what you need to do on your digital platforms more precisely, if you know which design and features can help you to achieve your goals, then you can focus your resources to the real work that will make more impact with less time and effort. This job is actually that simple.

Another important feature of Adobe Target is that it can work integrated with other software in the middle of all marketing technology. This is one of the most important features of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Target supports all your marketing actions by working integrated with all other Adobe software. That way you can be integrated to campaign technology, advertising technology, content management system and of course data fed from Adobe Analytics.

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