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Adobe Analytics Workspace Analysis-Flow Visualization

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Adobe Analytics has many tools for ad-hoc analysis and trend exploration. If you want to use data to optimize your business, you can't just look at same reports and dashboards all the time. You also need to be creative, need to get out there and explore the data to catch opportunities or issues. One of the big differences between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics is that Adobe gives you more tools for deep dive analysis.

Flow Visualization in workspace analysis is one of those key tools to start to understand customer journeys on your site or app. And when I say customer journeys, I don't just mean navigation, customer journey is something more than that. For instance in Adobe Analytics Flow Visualization you can see what pages people are viewing in the exact order that they're viewing them. This is the kind of report Google Analytics offers partially. Adobe's magic stars here and adds very cool stuff to this visualization.

For example you can bring over marketing channel to see the top marketing channels that people have entered your brand on. And you can see customer's marketing channel journey over time so that you can see customer's next marketing channel touch. This is a flexible tool, not a report. So we don't come to any conclusions here, we just examine and analyze the customer's journey. Then we can summarize our findings into a report using different tools and visualizations. The following is a visual sample report.

So for the time frame I defined, 43,763 people came to the site through email. And for those who came to the site with email later came to the site through other campaigns like Print, display and so on. As you can see I can keep click each one to see what happens next. This view keeps expanding until very end.

But power of this visualization do not stop here. I can also mix this report with other dimensions. Again something you can't do with Google Analytics.

How Adobe Analytics Flow Visualization Help me to Take Action and Optimize?

I always think about how I can turn the data into action. Just one example here:

Below you can see I am showing the top internal search term by entry page. You can use such report to optimize content by entry page. That way when your visitors land to your site or app they don't have to go and search for something that they're looking for, they can find it right on the page that they've entered on. You can even optimize your landing page by marketing channel entry by just using this analysis.

How It is Different Than Google Analytics?

Unfortunately Google Analytics do not have this visualization. Google Analytics has something similar called Behavior Flow but that is very limited and only works for site or app navigation. Even with this report, you can only go down 3 levels but with Adobe Analytics you can keep expanding forever, one page after page. Adobe Analytics can also mix variables to give you more relational analysis. You can also create segment automatically from this visualization.

How to Use Adobe Analytics Workspace Analysis Flow Visualization?

You can start using the flow visualization from either a blank panel or from the left visualization rail to start

you have three options to place a dimension in

the entry zone

the middle node or

the exit zone

depending on how you want to see your flow

Entry and Exit nodes are only for dimensions, but the middle node can also receive individual item of a variable. All these options help you to drill down data very detailed.

If we drop pages report in the middle node we will get the top page for the time frame then you'll see all the top pages leading into that page of home and out of that page of home. If you hover over different parts of the flow you'll see more information and interesting data points related to the homepage. Then you'll be able to hover over each of these paths to understand what percentage of total path views are accounted for here you can interact with flow completely by clicking on any one of the nodes and expanding to the left or to the right

What are the Settings for Flow Visualization?

All visualization have settings to customize your view. First flow visualization is the container. The container will default to a visitor container which will let you look at the flow of people moving across different sessions or different visits. But if you want you can change it to visits in the settings.

You can also choose to wrap the labels you see on the flow visualization which takes those truncated words and wraps them. This might be good thing for long variable values.

The other option you can change is whether to include repeat instances or not. If your flow visualization shows traffic from same page to same page (or same variable value to same variable value) it is because you repeat instances. If you refresh page , you have seen that page two times and that becomes repeat instance. You can control to see whether you want to see those instances in your flow visualization.

What are the Right Click Options for Flow Visualization?

There are usually more to create with all visualization and tables within Adobe Analytics. When you right click on your visualization you get following.

This is pretty advanced stuff. So I stop here for now. If you want to take advantage of the flow visualization, login and start using it. Remember the only way to learn these tools is to keep practicing. Please add a comment here if you have questions. Comments section are the bottom of the page.

If you want to get most out of your Adobe Analytics implementation you can contact me on Linkedin for consulting or training. I both provide implementation services and business analysis and training services. I have 14 years experience to implement and use Adobe Analytics with big brands like Expedia, American Airlines, Best Western International, ING Bank, Vodafone, Buhler Group. Unfortunately many Adobe Analytics experts out there only tool analysts, they do not have significant product development experience. I have been developing digital products since 1999. Adobe Analytics has become my biggest support for an insight and that's why I learned it very well. I am certified Adobe Analytics architect.

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