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Adobe Analytics Analysis (Amazing) Workspace

Old Omniture users remember something called “Site Catalyst” which is now being replaced with the amazing “Analysis Workspace”. This new platform is something that Google Analytics, data mining or SQL ninjas miss out. Let’s see why?

Workspace Analysis is something between reporting and dashboard with the ability to do ad-hoc analysis on the go. You can create a project, save the project, go back to the project and share it with your colleagues in a collaborative way. Adobe also offers templates for many different analysis purposes which can make your life easier by saving time and effort.

Adobe Analytics Workspace Analysis Template

When you open a blank project everything you need is right there. So you really don’t need to LOSE YOURSELF CLICKING BETWEEN REPORTS and MENUS. I think that is one of the main advantages when you compare Adobe with Google. All you need is to choose the reports and metrics, drag and drop.

Adobe Analytics Workspace Analysis Freeform

Segmentation capabilities are pretty flexible. You can almost add segmentation into anywhere in the reporting and create different views (and believe me you will need different views when you start to have hard questions to answer). In this example I added “visits from non-mobile devices” segment at the top corner (find the blue label)

Under this segmented data, I also want to compare first time visits with return visits. In order to create this view I can drag segmentation under metrics column.

I can add more segments but I can also start breaking down data. In this example, I broke down one of the products by Campaign Code and then also broke that one down by country (here you can break down dimensions until forever, no limits)

Of course, one amazing thing about all this is the SPEED. If you try to write SQL query for something like this it might take some time but here everything happens pretty quick.

If you want to learn about the product please reach me out

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