I have been in e-commerce and internet industry since 1999. I have started my professional career in an airline e-commerce site where I helped developing many different products and applications for online ticket sales and self service. Developing self service products for our passengers helped me to gain understanding of user experience, usability and customer analytics. Later in my career I discovered beautiful world of web analytics and optimization and since then I have created my own eco-system. I develop and optimize products by taking into account of everything I can: Web analytics, data mining, user experience, voice of customer, usability testing, marketing analytics, customer analytics, business intelligence. I lam very passionate about my profession and I really love creating/optimizing products that people adore. I am helping internet business all around the world to create products their customers love.


Mobile/web product development and optimization

Web/mobile analytics and testing

Usability, user experience and user research

Customer analytics and CRM

Marketing analytics

Business analytics

Database and e-mail marketing

Business development and Financial analysis

Vendor Management

Omniture Site Catalyst and Omniture Discover

Omniture Implementation Certified

Google Analytics Certified

Tealeaf Impact, View and Connect

SPSS,SAS and SQL programming

MySQL,Oracle,Microsoft SQL Server



sibel akcekaya

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